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Secrets of GameJournoPros

Secrets of GameJournoPros

Some of the most incriminating stories uncovered this far about the secret mailing list of the game journalism elite




Review editor when Polygon's 9,5/10 Simcity 2013 review was released among heavy criticism, and steadily defended the game's reviled always-online DRM, insisting Simcity couldn't function offline even after it was proven it could, and accused gamers who advocated for the DRM's removal to be "an agenda-driven anti-online movement".

09 Oct 16
Alex Seedhouse — Nintendo Insider
Jesse Singal — New York Magazine
Matthew Dunn —, Editor
17 Sep 16
Andrew GoldfarbIGN, Executive editor
01 Sep 16
Danny O’Dwyer — Former journalist
Andrew Todd — GamePlanet
26 Jul 16
Dave Neumann — iOS Board Games
Zac Belado — Freelance
Alex Connolly — Freelance
17 Jul 16
13 Jul 16
08 Jun 16
Mike DiverVice, Editor
07 May 16
Vincent IngenitoIGN, Senior editor
Richard Walker — PS Trophies, Editor
Kirk McLeand — Freelance
Steven, Senior editor
Peter BrownGameSpot, Senior editor
08 Apr 16
Rob EdwardsTechRadar, Freelance contributor
Jesus Bella — 3d Juegos
Robin Burks — Tech Times
Jorge Cano — Vandal
Jillian Kestler D’Amours — Toronto Star, Reporter
22 Mar 16
Jaime Ventura — Freelance
Hayden DingmanPC World, Reporter
Brittany Vincent — Freelance
Patrick HancockDestructoid, Contributor
Allegra FrankPolygon, Reporter
Carolyn Petit — Feminist Frequency
16 Mar 16