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Unfair advantage

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After Nintendo terminated a marketing employee, he wrote an accusation article aimed at the company. The article started a media blitz that incited a strong social media response against Nintendo, and claimed that the terminated employee was being harassed, and Nintendo had fired her rather than defending her—saying Nintendo had “watched [this employee] become the center of a witch hunt and did nothing publicly to defend her”. Aside from misrepresenting the issue with a clearly biased position, the rushed article didn’t originally note that Nintendo had fired the already-controversial employee for moonlighting a second job, which happened to be overwhelmingly at odds with Nintendo’s kid-friendly image. The article was updated, and Klepek later responded to the criticism that he had received for his article—making the outlet the most through in addressing the misinformation spread in this media blitz, but still arguably weaseling out of the responsability of spreading the news in the first place.

09 Oct 16
Alex Seedhouse — Nintendo Insider
Jesse Singal — New York Magazine
Matthew Dunn —, Editor
17 Sep 16
Andrew GoldfarbIGN, Executive editor
01 Sep 16
Danny O’Dwyer — Former journalist
Andrew Todd — GamePlanet
26 Jul 16
Dave Neumann — iOS Board Games
Zac Belado — Freelance
Alex Connolly — Freelance
17 Jul 16
13 Jul 16
08 Jun 16
Mike DiverVice, Editor
07 May 16
Vincent IngenitoIGN, Senior editor
Richard Walker — PS Trophies, Editor
Kirk McLeand — Freelance
Steven, Senior editor
Peter BrownGameSpot, Senior editor
08 Apr 16
Rob EdwardsTechRadar, Freelance contributor
Jesus Bella — 3d Juegos
Robin Burks — Tech Times
Jorge Cano — Vandal
Jillian Kestler D’Amours — Toronto Star, Reporter
22 Mar 16
Jaime Ventura — Freelance
Hayden DingmanPC World, Reporter
Brittany Vincent — Freelance
Patrick HancockDestructoid, Contributor
Allegra FrankPolygon, Reporter
Carolyn Petit — Feminist Frequency
16 Mar 16